About Me


My name is Olga Ignatjeva (Rahu in 3rd house), I'm 37 and happy to be born as woman. I'm thankful I can do things I love and happy to have my daughter - better version of myself.

I consider myself as a tantrist. I see souls, visions, but I try not to pay attention. Stones help my to keep balance between real life and one which other people don't see. I've been enthusiastic about stones since I was 10 years old. At that time I tried to collect the most beautiful stones, however other children laughed at me and I stopped for many years. In 2009 when I lost my job, I started to practice hatha yoga and resumed my interest for stones.

I've met plenty of people who I see would like to ask me for help, but is just shy to do it. Stones have helped me in various situations in my life, so I decided to open this mala bead shop in order to help as many people as possible. All of my items are hand made by me, gemstones are genuine. I take especial care to selecting stone combinations since each has its special characteristics, meaning. When I find some useful stone combinations, mantras, or anything what can be useful for other people I write it in my blog.

I wish you good health, joy and happiness in your life. If you have any questions, ideas, please, drop me an email to [email protected]