What are mala beads?

Mala or mala beads is not only a counting device, but it can be used in pranayama yoga practice as well. As people in general are lazy, mala beads helps to control mantra repetitions completed during a period of meditation – one repetition per bead. Most malas have 108 beads and in addition there is one additional bead which marks beginning and end of each cycle. Although there are 108 beads for mala, 100 counts are enough – extra 8 beads are just to be sure you do at least 100 counts. The guru bead is the starting and ending point of mala beads.

I believe mala can be more than just for counting. All of my mala beads are made from gemstones and with guru beads / pendants. There are different stones which can help you to achieve some specific goal. To make it easier to choose your perfect mala beads, we have categorized them by gemstone and by intention. A mala can be with overhand knotting or without. I use linen for knotted mala beads and elastic nylon for a bit more simple, yet strong and durable mala beads without knotting.

My favorite routine is to do first meditation in the morning after breakfast and shower when I am woke up with good mood. Before counting any mantra, I clean my mala with special mantra: “Om rucera manai prabatai hum” (count seven times and then three times blow over mala beads). Then I am ready for county my main mantra of the day. There are five mantras I repeat every day:

  • Om vagishvari mum (I am No 4 by numerology, this mantra opens channel of luck)
  • Om mama za dri soho (stimulates my brain)
  • Om burem soha (cleaning my body, soul and mind)
  • Vidjam dehi mahashvari samastamathidam dehi dehi mne parameshvari (for the luck and prosperity)

In addition this video has some nice explanation of what are mala beads:

If you are interested to know more, I suggest you check out History of a Mala here.

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